The Paw Spa Grooming

We provide a safe and relaxed environment because we want your pet to have a great grooming experience.

When it comes to grooming every dog is different. Our experienced groomers will consult with you about a groom that works best for your pet.

After the consultation your pet will receive a bath and conditioning treatment, a blowdry and style, brushout and deshedding if needed, the nails are trimmed and filed and a haircut if requested. We finish your dogs groom with a cute finishing accessory and some deodorizing finishing spray.

If any vet worthy  issues were found during the groom we will report them to you so you can see you vet in a timely manner. We often uncover issues that would otherwise go unnoticed.

We pride ourselves on both the finished look, the comfort of your pet and a happy client. 

Meet us 


Meet Christina

Christina is already known all over the Yukon/Mustang area because she is the owner of Doggie Styles by Christina! She joined forces with us the summer of 2020 and we just love her!!

Meet Christian
Christian grew up in a grooming family as the son of Joe and Brandie. He recently graduated Unleashed Grooming school and is now learning more while working with Brandie and Maggie in the salon. 
We expect him to follow in his Dad's shoes as the "dog whisperer"
sarah gwenn.jpg

Meet Jessie!!

Jessie joined us May 2020 and is a  a tremendous asset with her grooming experience, especially vet grooming experience! 

We can't wait to get to know her better!!

Jessie is a graduate of The Academy of Dog Grooming Arts right here in Oklahoma!

.Meet Sarah!

You will love Sarah, she has a flair for grooming and the doggie just adore here.

She has her own Standard Poodles so she loves grooming poodles. If you want to try a cute creative groom just ask her because she is up to the challenge.

Joe and Brandie started their grooming career back in 1999 when Brandie went to school at the Academy of Professional Dog Grooming followed by grooming for several years at Warwick Animal Hospital.

In 2007 the 1st building for The Paw Spa was rented and it has went from there!! 

We are happy to now have three locations and 7 fulltime groomers!!!